Vel Tyreth.

A world of beauty, of wonder, of magic..a world of war.

The world was once a peaceful paradise, ruled by 6 gods, and their 6 respective races.

The 6 gods all ruled over an element, as well as a race that was tied to it.

The first god, Ivari, was the master of earth. He created the Humans, who built great stronghold cities within the mountains, and because of their focus on safety and community, they were able to rapidly increase in population, albeit only within their great walled fortresses.

The second god, Ivisthyr, is the great empress of wind. She created the Yani, the bestial race that build their settlements within the great woodlands. They are the most athletically gifted of all the races of Tyreth, and emphasise fighting and physical prowess rather than magical. They appear similar to humans, but are often taller, with animal ears and tails, and are naturally athletically built.

The third god, Teres, is The Lord of fire. He created the Ezaré, the secretive, magically gifted race that are at home in their sprawling desert villages, where they practice the arcane arts on a daily basis. They are not as well built as the other races, appearing gaunt, as well as their sun-bathed skin from their desert habitat. They often dress in large fine clothes to make up for their stature.

The next god is Naavar, queen of water. She is the matron of the Kiriy, who are known for their coastal fishing villages and deep connection to the ocean. They are nearly on par with the Yani when it comes to physical ability, but a rich culture of magic and rituals makes them more versed in the arcane arts. They stand taller than humans, but they have minute scales all over their bodies, giving their skin a slightly pale blue colour.

Little is known about the final two gods, those of light of darkness. All that is known about them is that they had a falling out, and that it plunged the world, into chaos. The battle between the two deities had a much larger effect than previously thought, and in the end, all 6 deities were plunged down to earth, in the form of vast, but scattered, crystals. These crystals are now a prime source of energy for harvesting, but a side effect realized too late that it released a vile form of corruptive energy into the world, which caused all sorts of horrific phenomenon, from the mutation of deadly creatures to the creation of strange, otherworldly places.

The age of peace that had existed since the beginning was now at an end. With the races of the world abandoned by their gods, it is now up to the mortals to carve their own destiny.

Shattered Glass