Races of Vel Tyreth

Races Of Vel Tyreth

A player character may be one of the four races; Human, Yani, Ezaré, and the Kiriy. Each race brings it’s own unique culture, characteristics, and abilities.

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The Humans are the children of Earth, and are the most versatile race in Vel Tyreth. Their main strength is their togetherness, and they work together to create gargantuan, magnificent structures where they make their homes. Humans often become adventurers to get out of the enclosed life of the stronghold, or to return with riches that will benefit the whole community.

Special Rules:
Humans discard 4’s when rolling for stats, but also 10’s.
Average Appearance: The appearance score of a human cannot be below 3 or above 7.
Persistent as Earth: Humans receive +10 base Life Points.
Tunnel Sense: Whilst underground, humans never take half the penalties to vision no matter what causes the effects.
Natural Trader: Humans only pay 90% on any purchase.
Earth Resistance: Humans receive +10 resistance against any effects that primarily use earth as their power source.

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The Yani are the inheritors of Wind, and are found throughout the world, in the more wild regions. Yani generally live in forested areas, which provide them with wood for building and animals for hunting; they are too impatient for farming. They greatly revere their patron god, Ivisthyr, and religion plays a key role in their lives.

Special Rules:
Yani discard 4’s for strength and agility when rolling for statistics, but keep 3’s for Power.
Lean Build: Treat the Yani’s weight as 2 categories lower than their size.
Low-Light Vision: Penalties caused by lack of light (magical or otherwise) are reduced by half for Yani.
Athletic Bodies: The Yami’s dense muscle structure and healthy bodies prevents them from taking the following disadvantages: Atrophied Limb, Deafness, Physical Weakness, Serious Illness, Sickly, and Susceptible to Poison.
Wind Resistance: Yani recieve +10 resistance against any effects that primarily use wind as their power source.

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The Ezaré build their dense cities on the edge of great deserts, where they are safe from most beasts that roam the lands. Magic is a key part of their society, which can be seen in all parts of an Ezaré settlement. Their buildings are raised from the ground by magical means, and it even allows them to grow vast crops in the heat of the deserts. They make the most use of the great crystals, which they use to power many aspects of their society.

Special Rules;
Ezaré discard 4’s for Intelligence and Power when they roll their stats, but they keep 3’s for Strength.
Desert Adaptation: Ezaré only take half the penalties to any effect that come from being fatigued, and only need half as much water as other characters.
Spell Familiarity: Ezaré recieve 15 extra base zeon points at 1st level.
Small Build: Ezaré are 3 size categories smaller than normal.
Fire Resistance: Ezaré recieve +10 resistance against any effect that primarily uses fire as their power source.


The Kiriy are a secluded race, and keep to themselves. They make their homes in and around large bodies of water, as they are perfectly capable of living on both land and water. They have a very tribal culture, emphasizing hunting, and rarely trade their goods with other races. With the advent of the fall of the gods, this attitude has started to change, realizing that they cannot do everything themselves.

Special Abilities:
Water Breathing: Kiriy can breathe underwater indefinitely.
Quick Healing: Kiriy add 1 to their regenerations scores; this increases to 3 if they are underwater. If a Kiriy loses a limb, it fully regenerates within 2 weeks.
Swimming: Kiriy can swim at full speed in any water conditions, and are never fatigued by swimming.
Cleanliness: Kiriy recieve +10 venom resistance.
Water Dependancy: Kiriy need twice as much water as other races in order to keep their fatigue up.
Water Resistance: Kiriy recieve +10 resistance against any effects that primarily use water as their power source.

Races of Vel Tyreth

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